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Hey, I’m Dan

I’m inexperienced, unconventional and my spelling is at times downright awful. As well as this, my sense of style is almost non-existent and my musical tastes are often viewed as horribly anti-social. However, I do have a good quality; I do what I love and I love what I do. Whether it be in photography, music or web design, my dream has always been to make my own way in the world without the need of a boss, monochrome offices or the adjoined politics that come with, and Dan Filer Web Design is my opening into that world. This dream was only kicked into motion when I was given some life changing advice while on a work experience program.

'Dan, never work for anyone'

Working Relationship

First of all, you’re going to have to shoot me an e-mail using the handy form I have provided. If I like the sound of your project, I’ll fire you an e-mail back to arrange to meet. From there we can go into detail about what you want and need from your new site as well as setting a rough date on which you wish the site to go live. Then I can go ahead, using your vision and my expertise to create a sparkly new site that will do your organisation proud. If by this point you are still willing to put up with me, I will be in for the long term offering services such as management and hosting for your site, if you so desire.

At this point it is probably a good idea to mention there will be a little work in it for you, providing copy and imagery I can use for your website. I may be able to give some advice and be able to make alterations to this, but only you can provide content that will represent your true brand ethos.

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